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Building in-house IP expertise

“All tasks are always team games. With enough forethought, planning and proper processes in place, any obstacle can be overcome to achieve the task.”

Why go outside when we can do it in-house? is a question that needs to be addressed regularly to everyone including investors, managers, leaders, everybody. Xellect IP Solution proposes that in-house IP expertise requires a team of skilled personnel who

» are knowledgeable in all the facets of IP
» know the company’s core technological and business strength
» aware of the direction the company is going towards
» set up IP processes to conduct search, analyses, draft patents, audits etc.
» adhere to the processes set up
» interact with external IP professionals whenever necessary
» interface with the legal team to solicit legal opinions.

IP is a team game, going in a circular fashion involving everyone from managerial level to technical team to the legal team. So at any given time, different teams of people with differing focus will be involved in it. Ensuring a proper work flow will facilitate IP generation and management. Xellect IP Solutions provides work flows and the involved processes in each task that will ensure smooth interactions and better working environment.