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Demystifying IP

“There has not been a day gone by when I have not learnt something new.”

Knowledge of intellectual property is essential for its effective usage to realize the maximum potential of the technology solution or idea or innovation. Although a thorough learning of IP would be ideal, the comprehensive understanding of it may be logistically impossible for everyone. In fact, the extents of knowledge requisite for various kinds of professionals vary depending on the level of involvement. The professionals may be broadly classified as: R&D personnel in a corporation, Managers and Leaders of R&D teams in a corporation, IP professionals in IP services companies, Researchers in Government and Academic laboratories, and Students.

Xellect IP Solutions undertakes knowledge dissemination through a series of intensive workshops and skill enhancement programs, following which the level of understanding of the legalities and legal ramifications of all actions of each individual and groups associated will be increased, while taking care to not make it a legally intensive session. Xellect IP Solutions continues the dissemination through further interactions and smaller group and/or one-on-one sessions. These programs may further serve as a portal opening into a whole new career into the legal world.

Xellect IP Solutions is offering the following training modules for in-house trainings, individual, group and worpshop trainings. Please select the relevant module and fill-in the reply form to register.

The increased know-how in IP will also serve to better interact with the emerging specialized breed of techno-legal professionals. The work products designed by the IP professionals and dedicated to all the other professionals may also be better understood when there is a clear understanding of the field.

Training form IP Vista

Unleashing the Intellectual Property Potential

1 hour 2 hours 4 hours 1 Day 2 Days
Seven Pillars of IP Exclusivity™   Basics of IP
IP for R&D and Business    
Rightfully Claiming™     Claim Drafting for an Invention
Patent to Specification™   Drafting of Specification; Claim Drafting is a Prerequisite
Patent Drafting       Rightfully Claiming™ & Patent to Specification™
Engaging Patent Office™     Patent Prosecution
Patent Sift™     Patent Search & Analyses
Patentability   Searching is a Prerequisite
Landscape Analysis       Searching is a Prerequisite
IP AVANT™       IP Strategy & Due Diligence in IP Matters
IP in Information Technology