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New Online Training for Patent Search, November 02-08 2011

Launching new online training on patent searching. Learn the best practices and tips on how to go about searching patent literature... all from the convenience of you computer..do exercises and get them reviewed by experienced patent professionals... Sign in now.



Xellect IP Solutions is an Intellectual Property Services Firm committed to provide excellence in Intellectual Property Services.  Xellect IP Solutions, since inception has endeavored to be an organization that promotes the IP culture in the country with the aim, that the true spirit of intellectual property rights is understood and implemented by the stakeholders, that include individuals, corporates and society at large.

Our society, includes, the often neglected, differently abled people.  Does Intellectual Property impact this segment of our society?  What about the organizations that support these people in a tangible way- the NGOs and other support groups?  

It is our firm belief that the support to this segment of our society must involve ways and means to make them sufficiently independent, to help them learn skills that they can use to make a living as an adult, or even to simply constructively use the time.  And IP can play a very constructive role to help promote the efforts in this direction- inventions can be and fortunately are targeted to help them in their day-to-day living, and products made by them can be branded through trademarks and designs to increase their visibility and acceptability.

Xellect IP Solutions decided to dedicate it’s third anniversary for this segment, in it’s own little way by reaching out to DIYA Foundation, Bangalore, - a Vocational Training Center and a charitable Trust that provides training and employment to adults who are mentally challenged as well as to other differently abled individuals.  DIYA supports people with disability to gain self-esteem and become self-dependent, through training and employment.

A visit to DIYA was an eye opener, if there is ever an employee satisfaction survey competition, DIYA will surely give a tough competition to the “Best Employers” in the country.  The atmosphere is charged up and each person there takes such joy and pride in the work that they do.  The products from DIYA include things that make people happy- chocolates, candles, paper mache gift items, and home décor items. 

To help DIYA further it’s cause, Xellect IP Solutions was honored to facilitate the filing of the Trademarks for DIYA Foundation and for one of it’s product- CHOCOLYN chocolates, the product itself is dedicated to the fond memory of one of the adults DIYA was supporting.

Xellect IP Solutions salutes all the individuals and organizations that have dedicated themselves to bringing more value to the differently abled in our society.

July 02-03, 2010: Conference on Situations that Impact Patent Rights

Licensing Executive Society (LES), India and Xellect IP Solutions invite you to a Conference on 2-3 July 2010 at Bangalore on “Situations that Impact Patent Rights” to deliberate on the different scenarios that impact Patent Rights in India with a view to learn and have a better understanding on different aspects related to this issue, and to see if we need any Policy initiative and/or develop a guideline for patent owners so that they are aware and act accordingly.
Situations that Impact Patent Rights Invite.pdf
Tentative Program for situations that limit patent rights.pdf
REPLY FORM Situations that Impact Patent Rights.pdf
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Xellect IP Event Updates

Xellect IP Solutions signs a licensing agreement with Ocean Tomo LLC

Xellect IP Solutions signed a license agreement with Ocean Tomo LLC, USA for the use of the proprietary Patent Bid/Ask™ platform in India. Patent Bid/Ask™ has been successfully used for commercialization of otherwise unutilized patent assets in the US over the past few years.

Patent Bid/Ask™ provides a safe and conducive platform for transactions related to patent and related IP assets. In this environment, the owner of an IP asset puts their one or more assets for sale or to be licensed along with a minimum amount expected. The listed assets will be extensively checked through a rigorous Due Diligence study and a report will be generated. Subsequently, any interested parties may place bids on the listed assets. The highest bidder within a time frame will be awarded the ownership of the IP assets.

This represents an important step in the commercialization process of any new technology and product created. This will also result in extensive wealth creation for the owners of IP assets who had very little other options for realizing the full commercial potential.

Workshop on Comprehensive & Practical Approach to Intellectual Property Rights: Ensuring Synergy between Technology & Law

Xellect IP Solutions successfully completed a three week workshop designed to introduce all facets of intellectual property rights and simultaneously provide depth in this field to all the faculty members of the colleges that are part of TEQIP initiative. TEQIP is a Government of India initiative in collaboration with World Bank that endeavours to improve the quality of engineering Institutes in the country. This was a grand effort taken to gear up the participating faculty members to teach engineering students the subject of Intellectual Property Rights at an appropriate part of the collegiate life.

Xellect IP Solutions were chosen as the key resource persons for this workshop and for designing the course as well. Xellect IP Solutions were in turn were given the charge of bringing any number of other faculty resource persons to ensure that the subject was adequately dealt with in detail. This task was masterfully done by the members of Xellect IP Solutions, who chose the resource persons not only having great experience and depth of knowledge in this field, but also were quite practical and hands-on in their approach towards the dissemination of knowledge. The resource persons came from various walks of life including industry, law firms and government agencies.

The workshop lasted three weeks that were split into three one-week sessions over a three month period. The first week was geared towards introducing the basics of intellectual property from a variety of angles to the incumbents, and finished off with some discussion into aspects of patents. The second week picked up from where it was left in the previous week by going into greater depths into the various aspects of patents, including drafting of patents, prosecution, searching and analysis of patent literature. The third week once again started with a discussion of patent literature searching, and then moved on to the other forms of intellectual property rights. This included a long discussion of copyrights, followed by trademarks, then Plant Variety Protection and Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design Protection. Following the sessions on laying the ground work for this field, the focus shifted towards some practical aspects towards the procurement of protection. This began with an intense session on the relevant intellectual property rights in some specific technical fields viz. Information Technology and Biotechnology. Subsequently, the notion that the rights from intellectual property are actual assets was introduced. The logical step following this was realizing the value of these assets through commercialization. Then, the participants were provided an idea of the whys and hows of formulating an IP Strategy Document, and also an IPR Policy within an organization. A course syllabus to engineering students was also discussed after this. The workshop concluded with a patent office personnel providing their perspective and a senior official from Department of Science & Technology giving an insight on Traditional Knowledge and its protection, and some funding schemes available for some IPR related initiatives.

A total of 57 faculties representing almost all engineering fields from all the 14 member engineering colleges of the TEQIP program attended this workshop. It was, as noted by many participants throughout the course of the session, a rigorous session designed to clarify some misconceptions, as well as introduce the concepts. Nevertheless, this was a very important and a necessary initiative taken by the Directorate of Technical Education, Karnataka, and the college as a response to the changes happening globally. All participants were emerged from the workshop quite enriched, and better equipped to tackle the IPR related initiatives in their respective institutes.

Rachna represents WIPO at the Philippines IPR Seminar Series for SMEs,
Nov 13-21st, 2008

The IP Phillipines Office orgainzed roving seminars along the length of the island country to increase the IP appreciation in the SME sector of the country. The Seminars were of two-day duration each held back-to-back in three main cities, Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. IP Phillipines also officially opened it’s first two satellite offices in Cebu and Davao coinciding with the Seminars in the two cities.

To address the SME sector representatives, there were experts drawn from within IP Philipines, local industry experts, local IP professionals, USPTO, EPO, and WIPO. Rachna Singh Puri, CEO Xellect IP Solutions was invited by WIPO to represent as WIPO expert in the region. She took two interesting sessions on the topics ” IP and Business Competitiveness” and ” Licensing and Franchising: Ways of Penetrating the Global Market with Your IPRs”. Both the sessions involved case-studies for enahnced understanding of the subject, and were extremely well received by the participants in all the three cities.

IP Philippines is gearing up it services and outreach programs in order to increase the number of filings of different IPRs in the country.

22nd September, 2008

How would you protect your novel ideas and innovative products manifesting the same in Europe? If Europe is an important export market for you, how would you ensure that the products you are exporting are non-infringing? These and several other aspects related to protection and enforcement of patent rights that cover novel features of products, were addressed in two day Workshop on European Patent Practice organized by Xellect IP Solutions, Bangalore and Institute Of Business Laws, New Delhi on 21st and 22nd September, 2008.

The Workshop was conducted by Mr Jerome Collin, an eminent European and French Patent Attorney, and Partner of a leading European IP Firm, Cabinet Regimbeau. Mr Collin also teaches regularly on patents in the European Patent Institute, and also trains Patent Examiners and patent professionals in France. The orientation of the two Workshop was practical and hands-on with an optimum combination of theory, case studies and exercises.

The Workshop also included a session on IP enforcement in India which was delivered by Mr. V. Lakshmikumaran, Founder and Managing Partner at Lakshimikumaran & Sridharan, Delhi, India. Mr V Lakshmikumaran has extensive litigation experience and has handeled the Novartis versus Ranbaxy case and the Bajaj Auto Vs TVS case.

The Workshop received outstanding feedback from the participants who represented a good mix of R&D and IP professionals from leading engineering and pharmaceutical companies including TVS, Seimens, Philips, TCS, Geneva Software, Novo Nordisk, Hical, Alkem amongst others.

Xellect IP Solutions is an IP service firm with a strong focus on IP education. Xellect undertakes knowledge dissemination through a series of intensive workshops and skill enhancement programs for R&D and IP Professionals, these also include exclsive in-house trainings for corporates and IP law-firms.


» Download PPT on Careers in Intellectual Property
We are living in an era of an increasingly knowledge-driven economy, where the real drivers are access to and use of new or original intangible assets, including Intellectual Property (IP). Today there is a greater focus on stimulating innovation and improving technology across different sectors, with object of acquiring essential IP assets.

The manpower needed for generating such IP assets and protecting the same needs to be aware and well versed on different facets of this field in order to be effective in the knowledge-based industries. However, there exists a limited understanding of the IP laws and the corresponding issues surrounding IP rights in India, specially in the student community.

India is projected as the hub of knowledge-driven activity in the near future that bridges these yawing gaps, which includes enabling and protecting innovation, providing support for strategic decisions, focusing research activity and so on. Currently, it is estimated that about 1200 IP professionals are involved in such activities, most of who are not legal professionals, and provide support to firms across the globe. This number is expected to grow by at least ten-fold within the next two years, given the success of such work and the current demand. Several factors contribute to this glowing outlook, some of which include strong technical foundation and language skills.

In order to effectively meet these demands, it is imperative that the knowledge on the subject is imparted in a focussed manner at the University level. To this end, Xellect IP Solutions has launched a University Campaign to increase awareness on Intellectual Property Rights. Xellect IP Solutions is holding workshops at different Universities to impart basic knowledge on the subject. The campaign would also showcase new lucrative career pathways to the bright young minds.


A patent awareness workshop was held in picturesque Udaipur, Rajasthan on 14th March, 2008. The workshop was sponsored by Patent Facilitating Cell (PFC)-TIFAC, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of Rajasthan (GOR), and Patent Information Centre (PIC), Jaipur.

The workshop was attended by about 50 delegates representing industry, academia, students etc. and Speakers were by invitation.

The session began with opening remarks by Dr. Amita Gill, Project Director, DST, GOR, Jaipur. Then the technical session began with a session on ‘Introduction to IPR’ by Dr R Saha, Advisor, DST, and Director, PFC. Then, Arvind Viswanathan, Chief Scientific Officer, Xellect IP Solutions, presented on the topic “Managing IP in Healthcare”. This was followed by a session on “Patenting Practices in India” by Mr P. K. Patni, Assistant Controller, Patent Office, New Delhi.

The entire afternoon was dedicated to the Q&A session due to the interest incited and the questions audience had.

Overall, everybody who went through the session on both sides of the podium gained a lot from this experience.

PFC-TIFAC has conducted a number of such trainings, and has been inviting Xellect IP Solutions for its unique take on specialized topics in IP. Xellect IP Solutions, in its turn, has always lived upto the expectation by delivering a high quality presentation and engaging the audience by sharing their experiences, thus enriching the attendees.

Patent Awareness Workshop, December 19, 2007

Rachna Singh Puri, CEO, Xellect IP Solutions, was invited as a guest Speaker by Patent Facilitating Cell (PFC), TIFAC (Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, to deliver a talk on “Role of Patents in Industry and Universities” at a Patent Awareness Workshop held at Mysore on December 19, 2007.

The workshop was attended by over 100 participants from Industry, Academia, and Government. Other eminent speakers at the Workshop included Mr K.M. Vishwanathan, Deputy Controller of Patents and Design, Chennai Patent Office, who spoke about “Patenting System in India”; Mr. A. J. Abhayan , Legal Head, Biocon, who addressed the audience on “Copyright Management”; and Mr Yashwant Panwar, Scientist ‘D’, PFC, TIFAC, who delivered a talk on “Introduction to IPR and some case studies”.

IP WORKSHOPS, November - December 2007

Xellect IP Solutions upon identifying a huge need in the market to increase awareness in the field of Intellectual Property Rights decided to fill this gap. To this end, Xellect partnered with CII and APTDC to disseminate IP knowledge to various forums by addressing the topics to different extents as deemed necessary according to audience interest and knowledge levels. The thought behind the workshops was echoed by one of the attendees in the following manner: “There is nothing in IP for not to be done. Even awareness workshop is still the need of the hour. Here is need to create a positive environment for (a) legislators, (b)judiciary, (c) police, (d) customs.”

The trio of Xellect IP Solutions, CII and APTDC conducted 2 sets of workshops across the country. The first series was entitled “Intellectual Property Rights Skill Enhancement Programme” held on 14-15 September, 2007 at Bangalore, and subsequently on 5-6 October, 2007 at Delhi. This programme was designed to provide IP Practitioners and those deeply interested and involved in IP a comprehensive look at the subject from various viewpoints. Then, another workshop entitled “Demystifying Intellectual Property” was conducted, again with CII and APTDC on 14 December, 007 at Hyderabad. All the programs were well attended by members from various sectors such as Industry, Academia, and Government.

The workshops were well received by the attendees, as evidenced by the comments in the feedback form, some of which are given below:

“Good flow of presentation”

“Good start for beginners… Would like to attend next conference.”

“This workshop was really useful…Really appreciate your efforts for this presentation..”

“Overall, the course was “Good” and “Useful””

“Good job”

“Excellent. Well done.”

“Congrats! Was very interesting and informative. Gained a lot! Thank You!”

“The workshop justified why we are in the IP stream because of its upcoming scope. It was a refreshing course for me.”

Further, the attendees also expressed a strong desire to see more such workshops from Xellect on vertical specific topics, such as software, IT, biotechnology, etc. of longer duration if necessary. Thus, Xellect is currently focusing on preparing and disseminating such workshops as well to meet the growing demand in the broad field of Intellectual Property Rights.

October 05-06, 2007

Xellect IP Solutions, in collaboration with CII & APTDC conducted "2nd National Workshop on IP Skills enhancement program" in New Delhi.

September 14-15, 2007

Xellect IP Solutions, in collaboration with CII & APTDC conducted "1st National Workshop on IP Skills enhancement program" in Bangalore.